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Welcome to my blog !I'm Ainaa,grown up & Justin Bieber's .Currently busy striving for SPM2013 and I'm part of basketball player..much love x

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Friday, 14 December 2012 | 16:39 | 0 panda

Hello dearest readers ! I'm back again .well everything's turn up into busy ,shits happened etc .well , lot of things to be share so let shorten the story .As usual ,i've been busy with homeworks and studies.lol i'm sitting for spm next year ? wut whot whutt ? lulz .okaythen I cant enjoy my holiday so it's a disaster hols . no extra classes and I'm freakin' bored ,sigh .And sometimes, i got fight with someone and now alhamdulillah it's fine now .Thank god everything's end .I dont wish much things i just wanna make my parents happy ,enjoy my life and make my own dream come true .

There's only 19 more days before I went back to school .omg not ready. so starting from next year i have to start with a new day,new life and everything should be new .before that, I would like to apologize to everyone no matter junior ,seniors or even friends .I'm sorry for what I've done before :) pray for me next year .

It's been awhile I didn't meet my friends .I really miss them loads .I keep on flashing back those beautiful memories in school for almost 4 years with them .thank god i have such a great friends there .Sure I am going to miss you guys alot.so let's strive together forever insha allah x

p/s : I'm waiting for Ipod5 right now.Craving for it and it's worth waiting .lulz

I'm back
Wednesday, 5 December 2012 | 18:56 | 0 panda

Well Assalamualaikum and hello there friends .Am so sorry for leaving this blog almost 4 months .haha I was busy and lazy lately to updated my blog .so now , 'm back to blogging mood . School ends ! was awesome but damn bored . ohh , forgot to tell you guys what happen last few weeks before schools end .Yeah, shit's happened but now,everything settle down .all right , let's change and make things right. I'm going to face SPM i mean SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA and I'm dead seriously it's creeping me .Before that , schooling was fun this year . I hope next year will be just great and fun . I dont wanna think much .I just need to focus only for 2 things .


yes , only two things that I need to keep maintain .well pray for me .and before that, I really miss all myfriends ,dormmates and deskies . well hope to see you guys soon and have fun .bye and wasalam .see ya real soon !

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